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About Me

I was a psychology major at Pitzer College in Claremont California when I was introduced to pottery.  Late one night after a party my friend invited me to the pottery studio.  It was in a basement in a poorly traveled area of the campus, I didn’t know it existed.  She gave me a lump of clay and instructed me to sit at a wheel.  I was wearing a beautiful dress that she had lent me and I protested.  She said, nonsense, it will wash out, and off we went.  I fell in love with clay and began taking pottery classes when I had open credits. 


I continued to dabble in pottery for the next 25 years, taking a class here and there and acquiring various equipment as I went along, but never having enough time to devote to it to become proficient.  When I moved to Ojai in 2010, I enrolled in a pottery class at the local school.  A few years later, when the owner put his business up for sale, a group of us bought his equipment and started Ojai Pottery and Clay School.  As a founder and the school administrator, I had the opportunity to learn the essential tasks of managing a large studio, like loading and firing our huge Geil gas down draft kiln, mixing glazes, and maintaining equipment.  I gained expertise in a variety of high fire clay bodies and techniques.  On April 2nd, 2016 I was fortunate to acquire my own gas down draft kiln and Emily Brown Ceramics was born.

I now make and sell my custom handmade pottery from my home studio in Ojai, California.  I use a variety of high fire clay bodies including porcelain and stoneware, and mix my own custom glazes.  Most of my pots are fired using a high-fire reduction technique, which means there is a period of time during the firing when the kiln environment is robbed of oxygen, creating unique glaze effects.  As a result, both my artistic pieces and my completely functional table-ware are unique with a form and finish you will find nowhere else.